FEC Website Guide

The amount of new ideas on this website may be bewildering for some.

The Hands On Guide to the FEC is our attempt to make it as easy as possible for people to understand what FEC does on a practical level - today. (When we have a banking licence, it will be a whole new ball game.) The Hands On Guide is the least concept-based way of getting to understand the FEC, and the most accessible one. It shows how our 'big picture' ideas translates to actual actions. 

Why Capitalism doesn't work explains in a brief manner why Capitalism doesn't work and why the FEC's New Economy will really work for the common good. 

The Six Core Practices explains what policies and practices will be incorporated to achieve this New Economy.

The menu at the top of this page titled Active Membership is for members to participate in various ways after logging in. It is open for visitors to view, and our application forms are contained within it.