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How It Works

The Co-Operative has Individual Members (individuals), Trading Partners (community contribution paying businesses including sole traders) and Not for Profit Partners (gift funding recipients).

Individual Members buy from Trading Partners who use our Transact app on their phone or computer to register the sale.

Our Transact app calculates 3 percent of the transaction as a Community Contribution. These Community Contributions are added as line items on a monthly invoice to the Trading Partners. If the total is less than $10 for the month, the balance is carried over to the next month until it is greater than $10.

All Individual Members are given the opportunity to vote to allocate the accrued Community Contributions as a donation to Not for Profit Partners of their choice. In this way the 3% Community Contribution becomes gift money which is dispersed once a month according to the preferences of members. Together we recycle our money for the benefit of all. We strengthen our cohesion as a society by supporting our NFPs.

Look for the FEC logo on your local businesses window and trade vehicles to preference your trade. This ensures part of your trading dollar gets recirculated to support our community.

Look for the Trading Partners contact in the FEC Purple Pages

This is how we start to change our economy.

More info can be found in the FEC Hands on Guide.